Dua's IV

Senin, 14 November 2011
It Takes Only 5 Minutes Of YOur tIme
Kalimah at-Tawhīd
Lā ilāha Illallāhu 
Wahdahū lā sharīka lahū 
Lahu’l Mulku wa Lahu’l Hamdu 
Yuhyī wa Yumītu
wa Huwa ‘alā kulli shay’in Qadīr
(This is to be recited three times)

None is worthy of worship but Allāh,
He is One, He has no partner,
His is the Kingdom, and His is the Praise,
He gives life and He causes death,
and He is Powerful over all things.

Tasbīh, Tahmīd, Tahlīl, Takbīr
(Tasbīh: Glorification of Allāh, Tahmīd: Praise of Allāh,
Tahlīl: Kalimah at-Tayyiba about Pure Islamic Monotheism,
Takbīr: Declaring the Greatness of Allāh)

SubhānAllāh wa’l Hamdu Lillāh
wa lā ilāha Illallāhu Wallāhu Akbar
(This is to be recited three times)

Glory be to Allāh, and all Praise is due to Allāh 
and none is worthy of worship but Allāh, and Allāh is Most Great.

SubhānAllāhi wa bi-Hamdihī 
SubhānAllāh i’l-‘Azīm 
(This is to be recited three times)

Glory be to Allāh with His Own Glorification 
Glory be to Allāh, the Incomparably Great

Rabbanaghfir lanā wa tub ‘alaynā 
Innaka Anta’t Tawwāb u’r Rahīm 
(This is to be recited three times)

O our Lord! Forgive us and relent towards us;
truly, You are the Forgiver, the Merciful.

Allāhumma Salli ‘alā Sayyidinā Muhammad
Allāhumma Salli ‘alayhi wa Sallim
(This is to be recited three times) 

O Allāh, send blessings on Sayyidinā Muhammad
O Allāh, send blessings and peace on him. 

Astaghfirullāha Rabb al-barāyā
Astaghfirullāha min al-khatāyā
(This is to be recited four times) 

I seek forgiveness of Allāh, the Lord of all creation
I seek forgiveness of Allāh for all mistakes..

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